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......celebrating over 80 years of our fourth generation family business

The Pattemore business of processing and transporting Dairy Products  goes back to 1938 when Bill Pattemore, father of the present senior Directors established a haulage business in South Somerset close to the Dorset border. This family business has grown consistently over the intervening decades to encompass a comprehensive range of transport services and more importantly a manufacturing capability specialising in the processing of dairy ingredients for the food industry.

Bill Pattemore, with strong beliefs in family values, appointed his sons, Geoff and Steve Pattemore as directors in the 1970s following a thorough immersion in all aspects of the business - driving, mechanics, engineering, milk handling, dairy processing and financial management.

In 2009 the next generation stepped up the mark and joined the board of directors. Nicola Hill, daughter of Geoff, has a firm hold of the purse strings in her role as Finance Director. Working on building relationships with producers she is also responsible for Milk Procurements. Geoff's son Alex Pattemore as Transport Director is responsible for the extensive logistics of the company's haulage fleet. Meanwhile the production processes are skilfully planned and monitored by Quality Assurance Director Shaun Pattemore son of Steve Pattemore.

The expertise developed over the last eighty years in the Dairy Industry has been put to good use to create a range of services to suite the demands of an ever enlarging food production market.

A focus on building sound customer and supplier relationships, an innovative approach to dairy processing and an astute approach to business provides this family run company with an inspirational vision for the future.


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