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Pattemores have been trading for eighty years. This length of time in business comes with a lot of built up experience in the dairy industry. The dairy is now in a period of growth and expansion and investment in upgrading and increasing our production capacity. This means the dairy is ready for the next 80 years of trading.


We offer a wide range of standard products and we are completely open to working with our customers to meet individual specifications and recipes.


We process milk into formats that suit leading food manufacturers needs for creating the latest mouth-watering desserts and ice creams and we also work with small local manufacturers to ensure the consumer doesn’t have a shortage of the wonderful range of foods that are produced with fresh milk from our Great British Dairy Farmers. We also collect milk for specific claims, Organic, West country, Devon and Channel Island.


A truly British product with West Country quality.

Single Cream

Whipping Cream

Double Cream

56% Cream

Bespoke Creams and Blends by request

Pattemores Dairy Ingredients are able to offer products to be packaged in the form of:

- 1000 litre Pallecons

- 500 litre Pallecons, and

- 12.5 litre or 10 litre Pergals

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